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340 products

340 products

Skull Jewelry: Rings, Necklaces, Bracelets, Watches and Skull Earrings

Anel de Caveira
For people who pride themselves on their style and authenticity. Who do not care about the opinion of others, and who take the meaning of Skull as a philosophy of life, Skull Jewelry are indispensable accessories for your fingers, neck, wrist and ears.
Made in the best 316 L Stainless Steel, 925 Silver, Genuine and Ecological Leather, our Skull Jewelry will surprise you.
Check out our Skull Accessories:

Skull Ring

Designed for the Motorcyclists and Rockers of Brazil, the Skull Rings are undoubtedly key jewels to impose their unconventional style.

Made in 316 Stainless Steel and 925 Silver, you can trust that they are jewels that will accompany you for the rest of your life... And the rest of your Skull.

  • Steel Skull Ring

  • Skull Ring in 925 Silver
  • Skull Ring Male and Female
  • Steel Skull Ring
  • Silver and Steel Mexican Skull Ring
  • Cute Skull Ring

Skull Bracelets 

Your wrists deserve to be bestowed with Skull Bracelets. Made with the best stainless steel, silver and leather, they are rare jewels with eternal durability.

Our models are for rockers, bikers and Skull lovers. Male Skull Bracelets, female and unisex, because as the meaning of Skulls states "we are all equal in the face of life and death".

See our Skull Jewelry for wrists:

  • Men's Skull Bracelet

  • Leather Skull Bracelet
  • Rock Bracelet
  • Mexican Skull Bracelet
  • Golden Skull Bracelet

Skeleton Watch

Never waste time or be late with the Skull Clock again.

They're all so beautiful and different that you won't be able to take your eyes off the pointers. Perfect for Bikers, Rockers and Goths.

 The models are: Mechanical, Digital, Electric, Quartz Movement.

Take a look, dear Biker:

  • Skull Watch

  • Automatic Skeleton Watch
  • Men's and Women's Skull Watch
  • Big Dial Skull Clock

Skull Necklaces

Beautiful necks are necks with Skull Necklace. In this beautiful and imposing collection of Skull Jewelry, we have Necklaces, Maxi Necklaces, Chokers and Skull Chokers. For all tastes and styles.

Rockers, Metalheads and Motorcyclists will be surprised by what awaits them:

  • Skull Necklace

  • Chain with Skull
  • Exu Skull Necklace
  • Skull Necklace Male and Female
  • Skull Pendant
  • Skull Necklace with Wings, Maxi Necklace and Skull Necklace with Rhinestones

Skeleton Earrings

Skeleton, Skull or Skulls, the important thing is that they are decorating your ears.

Ideal for maintaining a rocker look, the Skull Earring essential for anyone looking to stand out.
Molded in 925 Silver and 316 L Stainless Steel, they are all Hypoallergenic, meaning your ears are healthy and allergy free.
  • Men's Skull Earring
  • Skeleton Ring
  • Mexican Skull Earring
  • Gothic Earrings
  • Skull Reamers
  • Rock'n'Roll earrings
  • Skull Ear- Cuff

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