Steel Skull Rings

148 products

148 products

Skull Ring of Steel: discover the most Rock'n'Roll Skull Jewels in Brazil

Anel Caveira Aço

Are you looking for quality, durability and super affordable values ​​when putting together your rocker, biker and metalhead jewelry combination?

Well, know that our Stainless Steel Skull Rings 316 L are just what you were looking for.

We work with the best models, as we value style and originality. Conventionalism and fad are not our type, and we're sure yours isn't either...

In this barbaric and imposing collection of Steel Skull Rings, you will find:

Skull Shaped Ring

  • Men's Steel Skull Ring: With beautiful shapes of Skull, Viking, large, small and Motorcyclists.
  • Pair of Skull Rings: Ideal to gift your rocker love, or to formalize a union. Cranio's wedding rings are modern and non-standard. As the Skulls mean eternity, equality and respect, nothing better than offering a jewel like this to the loved one).
  • Rings of Rockers: If you love Rock'n'Roll, you will surely find your stainless steel jewelry here. Our models based on the rock star Keith Richards will blow your mind.
  • Bikers: For MCs, we have 1% Rings, Bottle and Beer Opener, HarleyDavidson and more).
  • Mexican Skull RingNot least, the Calaveras del México are present in our Steel Skull Rings. Colorful, rustic, with stones and relief work, they are undoubtedly excellent choices for spiritual people who love Mexican culture and the Day of the Dead).

And of course, we have soooo many other models, one more amazing than the other (and of course, all from Skull).

Where to buy Skull Ring?

Loja Caveira Roots

The Caveira Roots jewels are all handcrafted, with beautiful self-relief work, textured according to their theme. We use zirconium stones to decorate, because they have a splendorous shine, and very high quality.

What are the Advantages of having Steel Skull Rings and Alliances:

  • Does not oxidize
  • Does not rust
  • They are extremely resistant
  • Does not change Color 
  • They are hypoallergenic
  • Excellent Cost Benefit
  • Ease of Maintenance

 And then? What are you waiting for to complement your Skull Rings collection? Count on us to enhance your style and grandeur!!