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2 products

Skull Shape for Ice, Sugar Calaveras, Crafts and Chocolates Macabros

Forma de Caveira Chocolate e Doces

Do you want to give the shape of Cranio to your culinary inventions? Well, know that our Skull Shape can bring your imaginary Skeletons to life.

Made of Silicone, the shapes are easy to wash, don't smell and still promise a super-realistic 3d Skull.

Multi-use, you can make ice, the famous Sugar Bowls of the Day of the Dead, Cakes, Chocolates and handmade soaps.

Skull 3d Ice Shape

Forma de Gelo Caveira 3D

Skull-shaped ices are an excellent option for preparing exotic drinks. You can use the skull ice shape for Halloween parties, a gothic birthday party or simply to surprise a visitor.

Easy to handle, our Skull Mold is resistant to different temperatures. Just add water to the mold and leave it in the freezer for a day, and you will see the 3D Skull in your Cups. 

Want a special tip? Place your Skeleton Ice in one of our Skull Mugs or Cups.

Skull Cake Shape

Forma de Caveira para Doces

For those who are a fan of a culinary adventure, the Formas de Calavera will be an excellent ally. With them, you can do: 

  • Chocolate Skulls
  • Skull-shaped pizza
  • Mexican Sugar Calaveras  

For sure, your ice cubes, chocolates and cakes will be much tastier and more authentic.