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11 products

Skull Mug: discover the best models of Mugs, Cups and Cups to serve your Drinks 

Thinking about preparing a Rock'n'Roll party, Halloween or a beer with the Motoclube gang? Well, know that Skull Mugs from Skull Roots are the best choice to brighten up stylize these occasions.

Here, you will find:

Skull Chop Mug

To serve that Chopp, or that beer very cold, it is known that the 45° inclination of the Glass is important, as well as the speed at which you pull the faucet.

Therefore, the Cavaira beer mugs serve 500ml, 400ml and 200ml. Try serving your drink listening to a good Rock'n'Roll, and of course, check out our best models:

Glass Skull Mug

Caneca de Vidro Caveira

Extremely high quality, the glass is double reinforced, which ensures that the temperature of your drink is as you wish. Hot, cold or lukewarm? Our Cranio Cups will serve your drink with excellence.

  • Mexican Skull Mug
  • Viking Skull Mug
  • Skull Resin Mug: Excellent material for shaping skulls. Strong, tough, resin can withstand high temperature without losing its quality
  • Vikings skull mug

In addition to Mugs, we have several models Skull Cups and Cups. Want to have a shot of a Jack Daniels? Our Skull Dose Cups will surprise you:

Copo de Dose Caveira
  • Skull Shot Glass
  • Black Skull Cup
  • Skull Thermal Cup

Or maybe a good wine? Our Skull Cups are all you need.

Taça de Caveira

  • Cavaira Wine Glass
  • Skull Hand Cup

 And then? Mug, Cup or Skull Cup? Which do you prefer? A toast!