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11 products

Skull Cap for Rockers, Bikers and Metalheads

Much more than an accessory to protect the head, the Skull Bone is a must-have item for the Skull of stylish and prepared people.

Inspired by the style of Bone Trucker, Beret and Straight Brim, all are with Skulls, Skulls and Skeletons, because we know how much you are obsessed with them.

Skull Bone Trucker 

 Bone de Caveira Trucker

Truck hats are refreshing, don't damage the scalp and still guarantee that old school style from the 90's.

Widely used by Bikers, Motorcyclists and Rockers, the Bones Trucker de Cranio are an excellent choice for men and women with an alternative style.

Among our models, you will have:

  • Skull Bone Trucker
  • Punisher Skull Hat
  • Mexican Skull Hat
  • Biker Hat

Skull Straight Flap Bone

Bone Aba Reta Caveira

The Straight Brim Bones were created to ensure that sunlight does not interfere with vision, nor with day-to-day tasks.

In a short time, rockers, bikers and supporters of the undergroud movement began to use, and of course, inserted Skulls to give that macabre and rebellious touch to their look.

Skull Beret

Boina de Caveira Preta

The beret is a style of cap, generally wider at the ends, which guarantees a special touch on the head of the wearer.

Worn by goths and many rock stars, the highlight is for Black Skull Beret, with spikes and rivets.