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Skull Costume: Halloween, Day of the Dead and Carnival

Fantasia de Caveira

For themed parties, there's nothing better than dressing up as a Skull.

Excellent for men, women and children (since Calavera is unisex), it is a perfect accessory for everyone who shares their passion for Rock'n'Roll, Motorcycling and Gothic style.

If you want to improvise your skeleton costume, know that we have a lot of Jewelry, Clothing and Skull Masks, so your look will be totally unique.

Among the best commemorative dates to dress up as Cranio are: Halloween, Carnival and the Day of the Dead.

  • Halloween 
  • Skull Couple Costume
  • Infant and Skull Baby 
  • Carnival
  • Red Skull outfit
  • Skeleton

Mexican Skull Costume

For sure, dressing up as Calavera del Mexico is a great choice to stand out. They are colorful, full of life, and can be easily adapted with gadgets you have at home.

 A nice tip is for you and your partner to dress up as a Mexican Skull, to enjoy Halloween and Carnival parties in the best rocker look.

Female Fantasy Skull

Fantasia de Caveira Feminina

Goths, Rockers and Bikers!! Our Women's Skull Costumes will fit perfectly with your style and personality.

Dresses, Swimsuits, Gloves and Skeleton Masks you will find here.

Male Skull Costume

Skulls and Skull are symbols of Rock'n'Roll and Moto Clubs.

And of course, a man dressed as a skull at celebratory parties is an excellent way to represent your style and philosophy of life.