Skull Cushions (Cover)

18 products

18 products

Skull Covers for your Cushions

Capa de Caveira para Almofada

Customize your Cushions with your rock and alternative style, with the Skull Cushion Covers.

Our collection is insane, and has designs for all tastes (if you like the Skulls).

Mexican Skull Cover, Jolly Roger Skull, Mexican Skull Cushion Cover and personalized Rock style.

The images are printed by Cranio 3D, which means that the quality of the engravings is high, the colors vibrant, and even super resistant to washing. Take a look at what you'll get here:

  • Skull Cover for Pillows

  • Mexican Skull Cape
  • Cover with Rock engravings
  • Protection for Pillows and Pillows with Skull

Now it's much easier to put your personality in your space isn't it?!