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22 products

The best Skull Bags for Women Rockers and Bikers

Bolsa de Caveira Felinina

Made for our Brazilian Bikers and Rockers, the Skull Bags by Skull Roots are for all tastes and levels of demand.

In eco leather for those who are ecofriendly, or in genuine leather for those looking for eternal durability, the bags have embroidered skulls, textured and many other shapes.

Keeping your belongings has never been so safe. Check now which main models you will find here:

Women's Skull Bag

Bolsa de Caveira

Girls and women, being obsessed with Rock'n'Roll, Tattoos and Piergings, deserve to be presented (or presented) with Bags with Skulls.

Look what we have here:

  • Black Skull Bag, as it is the color that represents the Rock Girls and Motorcyclists.
  • Skull Thermal Bag, to store food and drinks for much longer, because we know that life is hectic and you don't want to waste time.
  • Mexican Skull Bag, colorful, full of life and different from the traditional Calavera. Long live the Day of the Dead and equality between all!!
  • Skull Hand Bag, elegance and sophistication, without losing the rocker style 
  • Skull Wallet to store your money and card safely

Models and different designs are not lacking. Find your Skull Bag and enjoy life in the best style possible.