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30 products

30 products

Skull Decoration for Bedrooms, Bars and Birthday Parties

 Personalized environments decorated with our style is the best feeling ever!

For lovers of Rock and Motorcycling, Decorative Skulls should undoubtedly be part of your favorite song.

Our Skull Decor is ideal for birthday parties, halloween, underground bars and barbershops and of course, your bedroom.

Check out our decorative artifacts:

  • Decorative Skull Head
  • Mexican Skull Decoration 
  • Skull Frames for Rockers
  • Jolly Roger Skull Flag
  • Pirate Flags 
  • Cushion Cover with Skull and Neck
  • Mexican Calavera and Glass Ashtray

Skull Decorative Frame

Quadro de Caveira

Your walls deserve Skull Screens. Our Frames are with high 3D printing, creating realistic arts and intense colors.

Mexican Skull Pictures, with Flowers, Rock and Motorcycle Pictures you can find here.

  • Pictures of Calavera Mexicanas
  • Skull, Viking and Pirate Jolly Roger 
  • Frames for Tattoo Studio

Jolly Roger flag

Jolly Roger is the name given to the Pirate Flags, in which Two Bones are superimposed with a Skull.

For those who are obsessed with the Viking Universe and Viking Beard, the Skull Flags will fill your eyes with joy and fascination.

The flags are 150 cm x 90 cm in size, big enough to decorate the environment they will be in. The banner print is 3D Skull, very realistic.

Skull Cushion Cover

Your pillows need the Skull Cover to protect, and make them even more beautiful and comfortable.

Excellent to decorate the environment of a real rocker, our pillow protection models are hypoallergenic, easy to wash and dry, with 3D Calavera Printing, and with differentiated prints:

  • Mexican Skull Cushion Cover
  • Rock Cushion Protection
  •  Jolly Roger Skull Cape

Mexican Skull Ashtray

Skull Ashtrays are great decorative objects for rock bars, and also for gift giving. Having an Ashtray Skull, you ensure a clean, ash-free environment around.

Mexican Skull Ashtray, with Lid, Portable and in the shape of a skull you can find here. Made in Resin and Glass, their design is totally different from anything you've ever seen.